ISBN: 9781797207834

Publication date: 03 Jan 2022

Author: Lauren Watt

Ever wonder what a dog really wants to do for fun? What would make their "bucket list" of must-see and -do adventures? In Adventure Dogs: The Dog-Approved Guide to Having Fun (with Humans), author Lauren Watt consults dog experts and lovers worldwide and her own research to answer just that—and shares her advice for living life to the fullest with your four-legged best friend. This inspirational and practical guidebook features 75 unique dog-approved adventures and activities, offering new opportunities to explore the world around you with your pup. Captured in vibrant, full-color photography, activities range from easy to epic—from taking a scenic car ride, to climbing one of the highest dog-friendly mountains in the US, to learning "doga" or "dog painting" in the comfort of your own backyard. Adventure Dogs has something for every breed and every type of dog parent. Watt, who frequently goes on travels with her rescue dog, Bette, has done extensive research on each activity, consulting renowned dog experts, scientists, and behaviorists for tips, tricks, and helpful advice to guide you on your own adventures, big and small. Perfect for dog lovers, armchair travelers, and active pet parents alike, Adventure Dogs reveals new and exciting ways for us humans to understand, appreciate, and live in the moment with our furry companions. • PRACTICAL ADVENTURES: Features real, everyday activities to engage with your dog every day in scientifically-backed ways. With a range of prices and time investments, there's something in this book for everyone and every pup. • BACKED BY RESEARCH: Author Lauren Watt has traveled and done her own research with her rescue dog, Bette. She's also spoken to renowned scientists and behaviorists (Alexandra Horowitz, Clive Wynne, Jane Goodall), bestselling dog-book authors (Seth Casteel, Steven Rowley, Teresa Rhyne), Instagram-famous dog owners, and people who have expanded the limits of what we thought dogs could do, whether it's surf, skateboard, paint, do yoga, or learn over a thousand proper nouns. • INSPIRATIONAL LOCATIONS: Features fun and surprising pet-friendly destinations around the country and aboard. • EXPERT CONTRIBUTORS: Watt has brought in a range of experts to add stories, tips, and photography to the book. The result is a wonderful and diverse collection of voices and perspectives.