ISBN: 9781642447545

Publication date: 07 Jan 2019

Author: Em & Friends

Catspreading is a form of affection reserved for birthdays and also every single day. The feline in question will often sprawl upon the object of human focus, causing mild dishevelment or disarray.  In this ritual, the cat becomes the focus of the human's attention and the sun of their menial universe. Once the human's attention is grasped, the cat may be known to sing party like it's your catday, Ëœcause we don't give a cat if it's your catday.
- Blank inside
- A2 size (4.25" x 5.5")
- Offset printed in Los Angeles onto heavyweight matte stock, using environmentally friendly soy inks
- Comes with a matching kraft envelope
Em & Friends uses eco-friendly vegetable-based inks. Our cards are FSC-certified, and our envelopes are 100% recycled. In addition, our plastic card sleeves and MOQ inner bags are made from 10% recycled material, and are recyclable.