ISBN: 9781642443943

Publication date: 09 Apr 2019

Author: Emily McDowell & Friends

Did your spouse walk the dogs in the rain so you wouldn’t have to change out of your pajamas on a Saturday afternoon? Did you agree to Chinese takeout when you really would have preferred pizza? Did one of you sit through a superhero movie marathon with a smile on your face, even though you would’ve rather been doing almost anything else? Spousal Recognition is in order. Now you can commemorate marriage’s small, but mega important sacrifices with this pad of 75 fill-in certificates. Pad measures 4.5 x 6-inches, 75 pages Show your hubby that you really care ... over and over again! Presents for husbands that don't involve sports, superheroes, or smoked meats? Yes, please! All you need in a marriage is love—and thoughtful anniversary gifts for her