ISBN: 9781616895235

Publication date: 06 Sep 2016

Author: Julian Rothenstein

The blind photographer cannot see a butterfly perched perfectly still on a flower, a bowl of sweet-smelling fruit, or a child's rattle on a darkened floor, but the mind's eye is sharply focused. How then, do blind or partially sighted people capture such extraordinary images? The photographs in this revelatory book suggest a deeper truth: that blindness is itself a kind of seeing, and that those who can see are often blind to the strangeness and beauty of the world around them. As the blind photographer Evgen Bavcar writes, "Photography must belong to the blind, who in their daily existence have learned to become the masters of camera obscura." Through the photographs of more than fifty blind or partially sighted people from around the world, this exhilarating book-the first to explore this phenomenon in all its vibrancy and diversity-will make you see differently." The Blind Photographer was produced in collaboration with Gina Badenoch and the photographers from Ojos Que Sientien, (www.ojosquesienten.org) a Mexican charity that teaches photography to the visually impaired.