ISBN: 9781616894733

Publication date: 21 Mar 2016

Author: Michael Graves, Brian Ambroziak

In 1960, before his skyscrapers and teapots made him a household name, Michael Graves set out on a journey once considered obligatory for a young architect: a grand tour of the great monuments of Europe. Recipient of the prestigious Prix de Rome, Graves traveled through Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, England, Germany, and France, studying and recording the masterworks of ancient and modern architecture. Michael Graves: Images of A Grand Tour collects the stunning artwork produced during this trip. Delicate pencil sketches, striking ink washes, and colourful photographs show the deep connection between Graves and the places he visited, from the Roman Forum to the Grecian Acropolis to Wiltshire's Stonehenge. They also tell something of the education of an architect, bringing to light the classical buildings and painterly instinct that led Graves to reexamine his early devotion to modernism. A foreword by Graves reflects on thesetravels from the distance of forty years, while author Brian Ambroziak puts the tour into the context of Graves's career.
This special slipcased edition is printing in a limited quantity of only 1,500 copies in honour of Graves, who died in March 2015 at the age of eighty.