ISBN: 9781452183305

Publication date: 18 Mar 2021

Author: Ann Shen

With stunning illustrations from the book Nevertheless, She Wore It, this journal inspires readers to find their inner style. Here's a space for the person whose style speaks volumes. Featuring stunning illustrations from Nevertheless, She Wore It by Ann Shen that showcase iconic styles and the gutsy women who made them famous, this journal will inspire readers to find their own inner style. • FAN FAVORITE: Ann Shen's art has a unique power to it, and her previous books and stationary from Bad Girls Throughout History and Legendary Ladies have generated an enthusiastic following. • DISTINCTIVE DESIGN: The combination of Ann Shen's art and Nevertheless, She Wore It's unique topic make this a standout option for journaling. • LIFESTYLE SWEET SPOT: Gorgeous illustrations in a giftable package make this the perfect journal for style lovers. Perfect for: • Fans of Ann Shen and her beautiful art style and her book, Nevertheless, She Wore It • Fans of Bad Girls Throughout History and Legendary Ladies