ISBN: 9781419750557

Publication date: 24 Nov 2020

Author: Mu Pan

The ?rst monograph showcasing the visceral, exciting, and chaotic paintings of Mu Pan Drawing inspiration from nature, Japanese Kaiju ?lms, samurai iconography, and mythology, Taiwanese-born and Brooklyn-based artist Mu Pan invites viewers to examine their own nature as they look upon the broken bodies and battle?elds that appear throughout his intricate, violent, vibrant, and often humorous paintings. Collected for the ?rst time in The Art of Mu Pan, are works that exemplify his recent output and that have made him a celebrated artist in Europe and the United States. Incorporating cultural in?uence from his home country of Taiwan, as well as techniques inspired by Edo-era Japan and iconic images from pop culture, Mu Pan’s work is both timeless and hyper-modern.