ISBN: 9781419746796

Publication date: 22 Oct 2020

Author: Kerrie Logan Hollihan

Kerrie Logan Hollihan writes award-winning nonfiction for kids and teens, including the Creepy and True series. Her books have been honored by VOYA Magazine, the Amelia Bloomer Project, Smithsonian, and more. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.|The much-anticipated second book in the series that explores unique, bewildering, and strange phenomena Ghosts are undeniably creepy—but could they also be true? Many people think so . . . Ghosts Unveiled! is the second book in the Creepy and True series. This new book explores another spine-chilling topic that kids are sure to love: ghosts! Packed with compelling evidence but light in tone, award-winning author Kerrie Hollihan takes a humorous but meticulously researched, well-balanced look at ghost sightings, unsolved mysteries, and creepy hauntings around the world. From cats and dogs to presidents and queens, from castles and taverns to schools and even bathroom stalls (!), Ghosts Unveiled! offers readers a new twist on a much-beloved subject. This quirky nonfiction narrative, which includes four-color illustrations throughout, endnotes, bibliography, and an index, will leave readers wondering what IS truly beyond the veil.