ISBN: 9781419743962

Publication date: 18 Mar 2021

Author: Chelsea Fuss

Learn to make beautiful, natural arrangements with foraged and seasonal greenery, branches, and flowers Based on her extraordinarily popular ?ower workshops, Chelsea Fuss’s ?rst book combines an alluring sense of place with everything readers need to know to forage, gather, and arrange fresh and dried botanicals. Each arrangement is addictively easy to make, and the featured centerpieces, wreaths, garlands, and bouquets are designed to bring the perfect amount of scent, color, and atmosphere to a room. The book features 28 eco-friendly ?oral projects, all using natural materials in lieu of ?oral foam and wire. Each arrangement is accompanied by foraging tips that can be applied to di?erent locales. Photographed in the author’s small village in Portugal, the book over?ows with atmospheric images of ?owers and foliage in the landscape to inspire readers to walk local trails (even if that just means the stalls of a city market) and gather ingredients in a pastime that is as much self-care and meditation as it is a practical pursuit.