ISBN: 9781419741449

Publication date: 11 Feb 2020

Author: Sasha Prood

Explore the creative possibilities of the artist’s most accessible tool—the pencil Never has the humble pencil—the most readily available and affordable of art supplies—produced such exciting and sophisticated effects. In Pencil Workshop, author and artist Sasha Prood brings a sense of experimentation and fun to sketching with graphite, colored, and watercolor pencils. Through 50 different experiments, you’ll learn traditional techniques like hatching, contouring, and stippling; develop your skills by creating compositions; and try out the unique effects that you can achieve with blenders and water-soluble pencils. This unique instruction book is structured so that you have space to do pencil test swatches and draw directly on the pages next to the author’s examples. Pencil Workshop provides everything you need to explore the limitless creative potential of this versatile medium! Special Features Full-color illustrations throughout Paperback with lay-flat binding Check out the other books in this series: Watercolor Workshop, and Marker Workshop.