ISBN: 9781419733260

Publication date: 04 Sep 2018

Author: Jean-Louis Poiroux
Exploring age-old beauty and well-being traditions as well as the latest scientific findings on skin cells, this book—and the products and treatments it recommends—is the result of 15 years of research and experience. Jean-Louis Poiroux, founder of Cinq Mondes Spas, describes how the subtle interactions between body, mind, and skin can create a state of perfect equilibrium—and a feeling of outer and inner happiness, down to our very cells—or a state of imbalance, caused by unsuitable foods, stress, and cosmetics containing industrial byproducts and other chemicals. Drawing on the ancient teachings of Ayurveda and incorporating yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation as well as the natural active ingredients and micronutrients found in raw foods, super fruits, and vegetable super oils, he teaches you how to become happier, both inside and out.