ISBN: 9781419710568

Publication date: 01 Apr 2014

Author: Chris Raschka

Theme: Feeling Grumpy. Crabby Crab is not in a good mood. No, Crabby Crab would rather complain than do anything else! Young readers will be drawn in by this humorous look into an all-too-familiar situation, and be comforted in the end. Chris Raschka’s expert balance of visual and textual humor will charm even the grumpiest of readers!Praise for Crabby CrabSTARRED REVIEW"Thank you, Chris Raschka, for reviving this sublimely ridiculous series. Chrissy Chris!"--Kirkus Reviews, starred review"Cleverly explore the sense and sensibilities of toddlerhood. They also feature the author/illustrator’s trademark charm and quirky sense of humor."--School Library Journal READ ALL THE THINGY THINGS BOOKSBuggy BugClammy ClamCowy CowCrabby CrabDoggy DogLamby LambMoosey MooseWhaley Whale