ISBN: 9780735373679

Publication date: 01 Sep 2022

This vintage-inspired dog stocking by Brass Monkey is perfect for spoiling the only family member that you actually like buying gifts for anyway. Sure, they've been terrible all year. . .but they're still the bestest ever. Yeah, they rolled in that dead squirrel that one time. . ..so what? It's really the thought that counts.

• Made of lined velvet, featuring three-color (shimmery) embroidered artwork.

• Has a hangable loop. . .because, well, otherwise it's just an ill-fitting sock.

• Packaged on a peggable header card (for easy display at shelf).

• Each stocking measures 8" wide by 14" tall.

• Yeah, we know that animal feet don't look like this. . .just go with us here.