ISBN: 9780735371132

Publication date: 09 Dec 2021

Author: Brass Monkey, Galison

Plated in a brushed bronze finish, this vintage-inspired glass-bottomed shaker by Brass Monkey (what a coincidence) is the perfect addition to any bar...you know, because you can make drinks in it. I mean, where else would you put it? Bonus: follow the recipe on the back to make our namesake beverage. You're guaranteed to love it (if you drink enough of them). • Features a (brushed) brass-plated finish on the lid. • The glass bottom also functions as a pint glass (for when there's no time for shaking...just drinking). • Bonus: includes the recipe for a Brass Monkey cocktail on the back. • Holds 16 oz. of liquor...er, liquids. • Measures 8.5" tall by 3.5" (in diameter).