ISBN: 9780735370616

Publication date: 20 Jan 2022

Author: Brass Monkey, Galison

Consider it a first aid kit for adults. This emergency drinking kit by Brass Monkey includes everything you need to solve (and/or cause) all of life's problems. Specifically: a collapsible metal travel cup, glass mini flask, bottle opener, metal straw, and a mini cocktail recipe book to help mix drinks in a crisis. • Includes everything you could possibly need in a crisis* (besides, you know, the actual liquor). • Features a 44-page mini cocktail recipe book that explains how to make some essential drinks. • Comes packaged in a giftable storage box inspired by vintage first-aid kits (that inevitably had everything except the size of bandaid that you actually needed). • Features bold editorial messaging throughout. • Box measures 8" wide by 6.5" tall (and 2" deep if you're curious).