ISBN: 9780735368842

Publication date: 13 May 2021

Author: Brass Monkey, Galison

For your true BFF...you know, the one that isn't going to start dating your ex like two weeks after you break up. This durable cotton dog bandana by Brass Monkey is the perfect way for your dog to express themselves...in a way other than peeing on your rug. Bonus: it's designed to be one size fits all (unless they are literally a horse), making it the perfect gift for any dog (or their owner).

• Durable, double-sided cotton construction.
• Features two-color 'The Real MVP' design in applique and embroidery.
• Has a 30" tie-ribbon to fit almost any size of dog (within reason).
• Measures 9" wide by 6" tall (not including ribbon).
• Machine wash on gentle...the bandana, not the dog.