ISBN: 9780735348042

Publication date: 02 Aug 2016

Author: Andy Warhol

Beginning in 1974, Andy Warhol filled 610 boxes with his personal belongings, sealed them and sent them off to storage. In doing so he created a vast collection of time capsules- now it's your turn! Use the box provided as well as the multitude of Warhol ephemera to inspire your own personal collection.Box Measures: 19.75 x 11.5 x 9.5"
Box contains:
-Booklet with Warhol history/info
-Authentic Warhol photo booth strips, postcards, letterhead
-Matchbox-style boxes, film canisters, envelopes and page protectors for storing your own treasures
-Hang tags with elastics for tagging your personal objects
-Sheet of label stickers
-Stickers with Warhol art to decorate box

-Sticker seal "Do Not Open Until..."