ISBN: 9781922417473

Publication date: 14 Oct 2021

Author: Niki Fisher

In 80s Icons, the 500 pieces tesselate to reveal an intricately designed collage of pop cultural classics. Any millennial will say that the 90s were the best decade, but what do they even know? In the 80s, the Brat Pack was in every movie, and we could work out with Richard Simmons. Madonna and Boy George were fresh on the scene, and it was possible to waste our whole day with Atari or acid washing all of our denim. Our hair was bigger, our legs were warmer, and Matthew Broderick was busy making us swoon in cinemas. For anyone without access to a DeLorean, this is one of the best ways back to a better era. For the full immersive experience, blast your favorite Madonna album while you’re doing the jigsaw.