ISBN: 9781925418316

Publication date: 01 Apr 2017

Author: Laura Herring

What is a bowl of spaghetti without a heavy snowdrift of parmesan? A pizza needs a stringy mess of mozzarella on top. Is there anything more satisfying, comforting and mind-blowingly moreish in this world than an oozing cheese toastie? No. Simply because Cheese. Is. Everything! To celebrate this dreamy dairy, here are 50 recipes for the cheese-lover in your life (which is everyone you know). Cheese may not be the healthiest food you can eat but it does make us happy. There’s even some science behind it: cheese triggers the pleasure centers in our brain. And it’s packed with calcium. Fact. So, there we go: it’s good for us and it feeds our belly and our soul. And, being such a varied food group – from a soft and squidgy to a hard and sharp to a spreadable whipped-up cream cheese delight – there truly is a cheese for every occasion.