ISBN: 9781925418132

Publication date: 06 Sep 2016

Author: Jack Campbell

Bacon – that perennial favourite, known even to sway hardened vegetarians – is the star of this little piggy book. Sure, we all like to add a slice or two of crispy bacon to our weekend breakfasts and brunches – but this is only a tiny part of the bigger porcine picture. Here you’ll find 40 easily achievable recipes – all photographed – that take bacon from the breakfast table and into all types of dishes. From piggy snacks, including bacon popcorn, maple bacon strips you can munch on like jerky and bacon-beer nuts, to heartier main dishes like bacon meatballs, pasta sauces and bacon-wrapped everything, The Little Bacon Cookbook has the day covered. Did we mention dessert too? You’ll also find bacon and egg ice-cream and baked goods with caramelized bacon bits. It’s time to pig out because everything is better with bacon!