Star Wars Art: Posters
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Star Wars Art: Posters

Few pieces of artwork have ignited the imagination and distilled the passion for Star Wars as much as the original posters created to publicise and market the franchise's films, television shows and video games. From Howard Chaykin's first advance poster, to Drew Struzan's striking, now-iconic paintings for all six films--Star Wars has enjoyed nearly four decades of poster art from some of the most renowned artists and designers working in movies. Now, the fifth and final book in the Star Wars Art series, Posters, collects the very best of this artwork, covering a wide range of styles and tones, for all six Star Wars theatrical releases, as well as the Droids and Clone Wars animated television series, gallery exhibitions, fan-club exclusives, video games and limited-edition posters. Reproducing for the first time, whenever possible, the artwork *as* art, sans type and logos, this collection also includes several previously unseen concept sketches for the original trilogy, uniting all of the action, artistry and drama into one lavishly produced tome.

About the Author(s)
Drew Struzan and Roger Kastel

Roger Kastel first gained global recognition with his cover painting for the paperback edition of Peter Benchley's bestselling classic JAWS. Universal Studios, so impressed by the work, purchased the right to use this image as the poster for the movie and forty years later, Kastel's illustration is still instantly recognised throughout the world. Kastel's poster art for The Empire Strikes Back is considered one of the most influential ever produced.

Drew Struzan’s art is some of the most iconic in modern movies, with the artwork for more than 150 movie posters to his credit, including every Star Wars, Back to the Future and Indiana Jones film, as well as Harry Potter, E.T., Big Trouble in Little China, The Goonies and the Muppets.

If ever any geek wanted the perfect coffee table book for their friends to admire this is a no brainer of a buy from Abrams Books. Film Werk
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