Grumpy Guide to Life, The
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112 pages



full-colour photographs throughout

UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa


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Grumpy Guide to Life, The

Observations from Grumpy Cat

In a world filled with inspirational know-it-alls and quotable blowhards, only one figure is indifferent enough to tell the cranky truth: Grumpy Cat. Following the success of her New York Times bestselling debut, everyone's favourite disgruntled feline is back with this demotivational guide to everyday life, love, friendship and more. Featuring many new photos of Grumpy Cat's famous frown and packed with uninspiring observations, The Grumpy Guide to Life will help anyone get in touch with their inner grouch.

Grumpy Cat is an internet sensation, New York Times bestselling author and demotivational guru who judges the world from Arizona. From the cover of New York Magazine to being listed as one of the Top Entertainers of 2013 by Entertainment Weekly, Grumpy Cat's (real name: Tardar Sauce) has skyrocketed from internet star to true celebrity status.

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