Star Wars Galaxy
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Star Wars Galaxy

The Original Topps Trading Card Series

Ten years after the release of Return of the Jedi, the Topps Company reintroduced the Star Wars universe to collectors with a series of trading cards. Illustrated by the biggest names in science fiction, fantasy and comics - including Kyle Baker, Moebius, Jon J Muth, William Stout and Walter Simonson - George Lucas’s galaxy is reinterpreted in each artist’s style, portraying favourite characters, re-creating classic moments, and even inventing new scenes the illustrators always wanted to see. These trading-card images became instant fan favourites and the benchmark for visual reinterpretations of Star Wars to come. For the first time, this collection showcases the complete New Visions series; rare promotional images; an introduction and commentary by Gary Gerani; and an afterword by Drew Struzan, and cover art by Joseph Smith.


Images courtesy of the Robert V. Conte Collection.

About the Author(s)
Gary Gerani

Gary Gerani is the creator, editor and writer of hundreds of Topps trading-card sets and the author of Topps’s Star Wars series. Gerani lives in Los Angeles. The Topps Company, Inc., founded in 1938, is the preeminent creator and brand marketer of sports cards, entertainment products and distinctive confectionery.


This is in itself a brilliant collectors' item for fans of Star Wars memorabilia, and harks back to the age of the first film. As a Star Wars fan, I wouldn't want to be without this superb collection. Books Monthly

Star Wars Galaxy is a wonderful collection which would delight Star Wars fans of all ages. The trading cards are well presented, the editor notes are witty, informed and insightful and the book looks and feels gorgeous.Grab This Book Blog

A beautifully detailed look into the first three series of Star Wars Galaxy. Firstly the brief history explains the troubles and heart which went into making these card sets possible as well as then the gorgeous 200 odd pages which follow with the arts from some of the best comics artists around! This book is an awesome reference for ANY fan of Topps Trading cards! Das Weally Cool Blog

containing stunning interpretations of classic moments from a number of different artists, all in their own distinctive styles, this is something every Star Wars fan should have in their lives SciFi Now magazine

"What you get is over 200 pages of illustrations by almost as many artists and covering a vast range of moments and ideas from the original Star Wars films. With this much material, anyone with a passing interest in the art of the Star Wars universe is bound to be fascinated and will readily while away time browsing the books contents."

This is another wonderful Star Wars art book from Abrams and even if you didnt collect the trading cards (which I didnt), it serves as a timely reminder of the inventiveness and diversity in presenting new visions of the Star Wars universe. Highly recommended for Star Wars and comic art fans alike.


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