Cats on Instagram
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Hardcover with Jacket

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Full-colour photos throughout

UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa


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Cats on Instagram

Cat lovers, rejoice! This irresistible book compiles over 400 photos from the hugely popular Instagram profile @cats_of_instagram into a keepsake treasure. Playful categories including "bowties," "surprise!," and "happy cats" showcase all the charm and delightful quirks of the wide world of cats. This is a gift that will have feline fans smiling in recognition, surprise and appreciation.

About the Author(s)

With over 4.9 million followers (as of Dec. 2015) @cats_of_instagram is the go-to internet destination for cat lovers. The @cats_of_instagram account was created in 2011 by Eli Omidi, a college grad and self-proclaimed cat lover. He now co-runs the site with Kady Lone, freelance graphic designer and mother of the internet-famous cat Pudge. @cats_of_instagram features original, accredited cat photos that are selected daily from the #catsofinstagram hashtag. It also provides giveaways, news on famous cats and covers special events such as Cat Cons, adoption weekends and art shows.

Official profile: Instagram: 4.9 million (as of Dec. 2015); Posts by @cats_of_instagram: 4,600+; Posts tagged with #catsofinstagram: 14 million; Twitter: 106k (as of Dec. 2015); Facebook: 11k (as of Dec. 2015)

"an unmissible celebration of our four legged friends Town & Country

The book was full of adorable cats in various fun positions so we couldnt put it down until the last photo was inspected . . . If you are looking for the purrfect present for cat loving friends look no further" Katzenworld

The images are of course, drenched in cute . . . you cant go wrong if you are looking to spoil the cat lover in your life Amateur Photographer

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