Climate Changed
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474 Black and White illustrations

UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Central & South America, Caribbean


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Climate Changed

A Personal Journey through the Science

Based on the analysis of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), but seen through the perspective of everyman journalist Philippe Squarzoni, this graphic novel explains how our environment functions; outlines the consequences of climate change and asks: is our society able to pursue a proactive policy in regard to ecological issues? In a tour de force of both artistic and informational presentation, with the impact of climate change on the US central to the narrative, Philippe Squarzoni weaves together scientific research, interviews with leading experts, personal reflections and a call for action starting at a grassroots level. One of the featured experts is Jean Jouzel, member of the IPCC (recipient with Al Gore of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize), who praised the final book on its thorough research and understanding of the facts.

About the Author(s)
Philippe Squarzoni

Philippe Squarzoni attended college in Lyon, France. Between 1994 and 2000, he visited Croatia and the former Yugoslavia several times as a volunteer in a conflict-resolution project and traveled through Mexico, Palestine and Israel as a human rights observer. He has published graphic novels on the subjects of politics and the Holocaust.

In crisp, photo-referenced lifework, he investigates climate change through talking heads of nine experts he interviewed, mixed with graphs, graphics and news reports. To make this more digestible, Squarzoni skilfully interweaves wash-toned childhood reveries, symbolic references to movies, notably their beginnings and ends, and chillingly surreal imagery, like a silhouetted crowd staring at towering screens of advertising, oblivious to the rising water they stand in. Above all, Squarzoni inserts self-reflective interludes of his relationship, home, local countryside, working process and dilemmas about changing his way of life. He asks of himself and us, Can we do it? CLIMATE CHANGED reviewed in The Independent (Radar supplement)
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