The Sculptor
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UK, Africa, Australia


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The Sculptor

David Smith is giving his life for his art – literally. Thanks to a deal with Death, the young sculptor gets his childhood wish: to sculpt anything he can imagine with his bare hands. But now that he only has 200 days to live, deciding what to create is harder than he thought, and discovering the love of his life at the eleventh hour isn't making it any easier.

This is a story of desire taken to the edge of reason and beyond; of the frantic, clumsy dance steps of young love; and a gorgeous, street-level portrait of the world's greatest city. It's about the small, warm, human moments of everyday life... and the great surging forces that lie just under the surface. Scott McCloud wrote the book on how comics work; now he vaults into breathtaking, funny, and unforgettable fiction.


About the Author(s)
Scott McCloud

Scott McCloud is the award-winning author of Understanding Comics, Making Comics, Zot! and other fiction and nonfiction comics spanning thirty years. He began the international 24-Hour Comic movement and is a frequent lecturer on the power of comics and visual communication. His art and stories are available in twenty languages and on the web at

The best graphic novel Ive read in years. Its about art and love and why we keep on trying. It will break your heart. Neil Gaiman

"But now that he has everything the talent and the girl - David doesnt have time. In 200 days he will die...This book is a diamond-bright treasure-trove of beautiful observations about art and loneliness and a soul-touching examination of the joys and pain of being in love and you really need to discover it for yourself." Starburst Magazine

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