Coalition Book, The
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Coalition Book, The

Since 2010, Martin Rowson has been documenting the highs and lows – mainly the lows – of the Tory-Lib Dem coalition week after week in The Guardian, as well as in The Morning Star, Tribune and many other publications. This book collects Rowson’s best, most brutally funny, cartoons from a period that began with a “big, open, comprehensive offer” to Nick Clegg, continued on through riots, phone-hacking, double-dip recession and endless debates on Europe, and will end (perhaps) with the general election in 2015. Accompanied by witty explanatory text, The Coalition Book takes a biting satirical look at Cameron and Clegg’s first – and perhaps last – five years in charge.

About the Author(s)
Martin Rowson and Will Self

Martin Rowson is an author and artist. One of Britain's best-loved cartoonists, he is a regular contributor to The Guardian, the Daily Mirror and The Morning Star. Rowson is the author of several graphic novels, including adaptations of Tristram Shandy (SelfMadeHero) and Gulliver's Travels (Atlantic Books). His prose books include The Dog Allusion: Gods, Pets and How to be Human and the memoir Stuff. In 2001 Rowson was named London's 'Cartoon Laureate' by the Mayor Ken Livingstone.

Advance Praise

An inky ninja running riot in the corridors of powerPhill Jupitus.

"Martin Rowson is a good friend, exceedingly bad enemy. Cameron and Clegg deserve his ConDemNation. Kevin Maguire

"Martin Rowson? Best cartoonist working in the UK today. When you've got a vicious bunch of cut throats in power you need cartoonist who is up for the evisceration. Rowson's your man." Mark Thomas

"Martin Rowson's cartoons aren't just all sorts of comic genius - their exposure of the wrongdoings of those with power make you want to have a revolution and thus pose a mortal danger to the status quo. Owen Jones

"Sending excoriating Exocets straight down at our current leaders, Martin Rowson is a great draughtsman and a sharply well-informed political critic with a wicked eye for detail as well as for the big picture." Polly Toynbee

"REVOLUTION! Get Martin Rowson's genius work in front of every pair of eyes in the country, and revolution will surely's seditious, acerbic, masterly, and TRUE! And a thing of deep, dark beauty. Should be a compulsory text." Pete Wylie, The Mighty Wah!

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