Good Things Are Happening (Guided Journal)
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52 full-colour illustrations

UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Central & South America, Caribbean


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Good Things Are Happening (Guided Journal)

A Journal for Tiny Moments of Joy

In each of our lives there are moments that make us unabashedly happy: getting an unexpected compliment from a stranger, finding a forgotten £20 in your pocket, or even getting into a bed with clean sheets. Good Things Are Happening guides readers to reflect on these seemingly small moments, letting them become focal points in an otherwise hectic day. This book is illustrated with 52 of Lauren Hom’s original, hand-lettered pieces of art that serve to remind readers how ordinary moments can brighten their day. An additional ten prompts ask readers to delve into their positive thoughts by creating reflective lists. Designed in bright, playful colours that mirror the optimistic theme of the prompts, this journal will have any reader finding extraordinary happiness in the ordinary.

About the Author(s)
Lauren Hom and Lauren Hom

Lauren Hom is a graphic designer from Southern California. She graduated from the School of Visual Art with a BFA in Design and Advertising. Hom’s work has been featured in Imprint and Complex magazines. She is the author of Daily Dishonesty, a hand-lettering project that began online and later became a book and a line of stationery products.

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