Five Ways to Cook Asparagus (and Other Recipes)
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Five Ways to Cook Asparagus (and Other Recipes)

The Art and Practice of Making Dinner

Today there seems to be less time to shop and cook, and yet the time eating together seems more important than ever. Five Ways to Make Asparagus is about making dinner in real time and under real conditions. Peter Miller argues that no matter how busy your day has been that you can still cook and eat well. The only difficulty is to recognise the possibilities.

Using the number five as a reference, the book is built around a hypothetical five day workweek, offering a plan to make the best use of your time, materials and interest in good, healthy food. To help simplify the process of deciding what to cook and how, there are five exceptional ways to cook asparagus that best represent and celebrate the asparagus. The recipes range from the extremely basic, allowing the ingredient to truly shine, to more nuanced preparations. If you try them, you will know more about asparagus, and it will become a more versatile character in your plans for cooking - and so forth, with broccoli and cauliflower, with quinoa and lentils.

Peter has carefully selected a group of specific foods, focusing on vegetables, grains and legumes. As some of the most versatile and healthy foods, they form an easily adaptable arsenal that can be quickly converted into simple, delicious meals. While his recipes are vegetable centric, he also offers select preparations for incorporating fish and meat.

Offering more than 75 recipes, adjustable menus, tips for giving new life to leftovers and detailed information on sourcing ingredients, with Five Ways to Make Asparagus you can cook a dinner with only one or two fresh ingredients and you can be confident that that will be more than enough.

About the Author(s)
Peter Miller, photographs by Christopher Hirsheimer and photographs by Melissa Hamilton

Peter Miller has operated his design bookshop in Seattle for 35 years. He is a trained chef who contributes to and Food52 and is the author of the book Lunch at the Shop.

Christopher Hirsheimer is an award winning photographer and co-founder of Canal House, a culinary and design studio.

Melissa Hamilton is a renowned food stylist, editor, chef, and cofounder of Canal House. They are the authors of many cookbooks, including Canal House Cooks Everyday

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