Tokyo Street Style
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Tokyo Street Style

Tokyo Street Style explores Japan's renowned street fashion through photographs, interviews, and profiles of some of the most influential figures who are working in Tokyo's creative industries.

Fashion journalists Tomoko and Yoko introduce the exciting style trends that can be seen on the city streets of Tokyo, covering an eclectic range of styles, suited for a wide range of budgets and occasions. Designers, editors, artists, photographers, models, stylists, and other influential personalities in the Tokyo fashion scene share their individual approach to style in interviews, which are interspersed with commentary from journalists and other experts. The work of up-and-coming local designers is shown ·alongside that of larger brands with an international presence, and specific examples of significant women's clothing, shoes, and bags are featured, with an emphasis on craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Moving from a glimpse of the outrageous fashion found on the streets of Harajuku to everyday, chic work attire, this richly illustrated guide offers a colorful overview of an extraordinary urban culture with inspirational photographs and practical guidance for building a wardrobe, no matter where you live.

Concluding with a curated selection of the best Tokyo boutiques and vintage stores, along with some of the most fashionable places to eat and drink, Tokyo Street Style is a vibrant lookbook and travel guide, filled with substantive insight from Japan's most fascinating tastemakers.

About the Author(s)
Yoko Yagi and Tohru Yuasa

Yoko Yagi is a fashion editor and writer who has worked with the well-known women’s fashion magazine SOEN and Bunka Publishing Bureau’s editorial department. Tohru Yuasa is a fashion photographer who is a regular contributor to SOEN and other publications. Yagi and Yuasa are both graduates of Bunka Fashion College and currently live in Tokyo.

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