Pamphlet Architecture 1-10
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700 black & white photographs

UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa


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Pamphlet Architecture 1-10

The Cult of Performance

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the founding of Pamphlet Architecture, we are proudly reissuing the first ten issues-most of which have been long out of print-in one hardcover volume. This graphically stunning and theoretically stimulating collection includes the early works of many of today's best-known architects, including Steven Holl, Lars Lerup, Mark Mack, Lebbeus Woods, Zaha Hadid, Livio Dimitriu, and Alberto Sartoris.

The Pamphlet Architecture series was founded in 1978 by architects Steven Holl and William Stout as a venue for publishing the thoughts and works of a younger generation of architects. Each issue was written, illustrated, and designed by a single architect, which gives each its unique character. The series, which received an American Institute of Architects award, continues to influence new generations of architects as it disseminates new and innovative ideas on architecture and presents thework of the luminaries of tomorrow.

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Pamphlet Architecture 11-20
By Steven Holl

This graphically stunning and theoretically stimulating collection includes the early work of many of today's best-known architects, as well as an introduction by Steven Holl.

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Pamphlet Architecture 33
By Luis Callejas

A small, focused group of participants consisting of established practitioners alongside up-and-coming architects, designers and theorists makes Pamphlet Architecture 33 an exciting addition to this ground-breaking series.

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Pamphlet Architecture 35

Giving voice to known and unknown authors alike, Pamphlet asks architecture practitioners and theorists to present their bold ideas in a manner as visually provocative as it is intellectually compelling.

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Pamphlet Architecture 36
By Shawna Michelle Meyer, Christopher Michael Meyer and Daniel Hemmendinger

This newest addition to the Pamphlet Architecture series addresses the issue of rising sea levels with an interrogation of the concept of floating cities.

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