Elle Decor: The Height of Style
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UK, Ireland, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Central & South America, Caribbean


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Elle Decor: The Height of Style

Inspiring Ideas from the World's Chicest Rooms

Elle Décor is fashion for the home. For twenty-five years, it has inspired sophisticated tastemakers with its chic and of-the-moment mix of style, culture and design. Elle Décor: The Height of Style showcases 100 stunning rooms that have been hand-picked by Elle Décor’s editors from the magazine’s extensive archives. These are distinctive spaces that have stood the test of time, each room packed with lessons to inspire the style-makers of today. Elle Décor: The Height of Style will teach readers how to bring the stylish ease, flair, and individuality of these rooms into their own homes.

More than a compendium of beautiful imagery, the book presents insights, ideas and practical advice in two formats: "What the Pros Know" and "Anatomy of a Room." The first, "What the Pros Know" will showcase the tips and techniques from the designers of the rooms themselves—going far beyond the obvious and making the design of a high-style room approachable and comprehensible to every reader. In "Anatomy of a Room," the editors will clarify the rules and principles that make the room work, explain why each room is successful and share lessons the reader can apply to his or her home.

About the Author(s)
Michael Boodro and Ingrid Abramovitch

Michael Boodro is the Editor in Chief of Elle Décor US and the book is written with the editorial team at the magazine.

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